Hildyard Dunnings

Memorial Page

Written by Graham Dunnings

Sadly, Hildyard passed away on the 4th January 2001. Her passing came as a shock to all that knew her.

A church service was held on the 12th January at All Saints Church. This was lead by Rev Norman Boakes, Norman was friends with Nan,and often visited for a chat or to give communion.

I was amazed that the church was full at the service, and I learned that Nan who had always had so little, gave so much.

She was heavily involved in the Senior Citizens Club, the Prayer Group and Women’s Society. Nan also sent out the annual baptism cards, so a year after a child was baptised, the child would receive card from the church, or more accurately, Nan.

The things that she will be remembered for are her love for singing, her opinions for which she had no problems in standing up and being counted or gracefully apologising when she saw another point of view and then agreed with that.

An argument one day has forgotten the next and for one I will always remember her for her sheer strength and determination to just get on with it.

Nan, had been through the wars, she had lost a limb due to bad blood circulation, confined to a wheelchair and then loosing my Granddad, Charlie. She was then diagnosed with Diabetes and having to inject herself each day, and her diet being changed to suit.

The whole family have much to thank Hildyard for, not only for being born, but the love, compassion and the strength that you felt when you were with her.

The entire Dunnings Family will miss her but be thankful that she is now in a better place giving Granddad rock all !!!

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