Charles Frederick Dunnings

Written by Barry Dunnings

Sadly, Dad passed away on the 2nd July 2000. He passed away in his sleep and is greatly missed by the whole family.

A service was held on the 13th July at Southampton Crematorium. It was read by Rev Norman Boakes, Norman was friends with Mum, and often visits her for a chat or to give communion that when he would speak to Dad.

The Crematorium was packed for the service, and as most of dad’s friends have already made the big journey there was only Arthur left to see him off but all the family turn up.

He was a quiet man always keeping his thoughts and feelings to himself so it was hard to know a lot about him but the things that he will be remembered for is his knowledge and he was very smart and it was a pity he was not given the chance to be able to show it.

He was in the Army in the WW2, he served in the Gordon Highlander, 2nd Battalion saw action in Holland and Germany and in 1950 he started working at Ford in Southampton which he did until his retirement.

Mum and the rest of the family will feel a part of their life’s has gone which can never be filled, but we will all meet again some day.

1924 to 1999